Liquids Extractor

When working with concrete coring, large quantities of water have to be used and this water gets very dirty. Using liquids extractors to effectively extract the water avoids the working area being wet and dirty.

In those liquids extractors/wet-vacs which are equipped with a pump, de-watering of slurry is integrated into the unit and clean water is pumped out of the drain hose. The slurry solids are collected in a filter bag for ease of handling and disposal.

The Dustcontrol w-line wet-vacs are easily dissambled for cleaning and de-contamination. This is an important detail on units requiring frequent cleaning. Robust construction helps these units resist the knocks of everyday use.

The DC 25 -W is intended for smallar amounts of liquid and is not equipped with a pump.

  • Robust chassis 
  • Re-useable nylon filtration sack 
  • Stainless steel container 
  • Standard coupling to drain hose 
  • Powerful 1400 W motor 
  • 175 l/min discharge pump 
  • Easy disassembly and easy to clean