Dustcontrol introduces new 'green' approach for mobile product range

We have now unveiled a series of new eco-green motors to our mobile dust extractor and air cleaner ranges. The new motors are now being used in Dustcontrol's DC 1800 and DC 3900 models. Each motor has 100W lower consumption than previous Dustcontrol motors, but are more powerful than ever before. In addition the new air cleaners, DC AirCube 1200 and DC AirCube 2000, are equipped with an eco-green motor. The popular DC AirCube 500 has had an eco-green motor since earlier.

Nina Uggowitzer, Dustcontrol’s vice president, explains further: "The motors have been developed with the environment in mind, but without compromising on extraction power and quality. They're more powerful than the motors we've used in the past, yet use 100W less energy consumption. They're a real step forward, and just one element in our approach to reduce the environmental impact that our products have."

Indeed, the new mobile dust extractor and air cleaner machines are also coated with a higher corrosion class (C4) which requires a more environmental friendly process than ever before. Plus, all machine parts are locally sourced in order to minimise Dustcontrol's carbon footprint. "For years Dustcontrol AB has been ISO 14001 certified, but we're keen to do as much as we can when it comes to the environment," adds Nina. "The new eco-motors are now fitted in a number of our mobile models and we're looking to introduce the motors across our entire product range by the end of the year, as well as other green initiatives. We've started with the DC 1800s and DC AirCube range first, as these are some of the most popular products from our mobile dust extractor series."

  • The DC 1800 is a small, lightweight dust extractor and ideal for those that need a highly portable machine that is powerful enough for source extraction. With its low weight it is easy to carry onto the job site and can be easily stored or rolled under a work bench. No wonder it has become the favourite of eg. chimney sweepers.

  • The DC 3900 is a medium-sized dust extractor with an efficient cyclone and twin single-phase motors. The DC 3900 is suitable for cleaning and for source extraction from small to medium sized power tools such as grinders, jack hammers and saws.

  • The AirCube models have a compact and robust design with a capacity of between 500-1800m3/h which makes them extremely powerful single phase air cleaners. The models are a clear solution for airborne dust problems, allowing for an extremely simple way of decreasing dust concentrations in a working environment.

"To help lessen the environmental impact of our products even further, we build our machines as heavy duty machines, out of Swedish steel," reveals Nina. "They are made to last. The usual lifetime for our mobile dust extractors, is over seven to eight years, but they typically last a lot longer, and have even been known to last as long as 15 years. We believe this is a lot longer than other products on the market, and highlights again our commitment and approach to providing a green solution when it comes to dust extraction."

Dustcontrols dust extracors and air cleaners with the new eco motors