The new DC 3900 a/c ECO – eco-friendly, easy to handle and powerful

Dust Extractor DC 3900a/c ECO Dustcontrol

Our new dust extractor DC 3900 a/c eco has been developed with the environment in mind, but without compromising on extraction power and quality. Despite less energy consumption, the motor package is more powerful than before. Enhancements in the production process resulted in an eco-friendly painting process and material choice. The plastic sacks (intelli bag®) are biodegradable. 

DC 3900 a/c eco has a robust and adjustable chassis to facilitate the transport. The cyclone is adjustable in two different heights, which makes it possible to equip the machine with both container and plastic sack. The optimized construction simplifies service work, resulting in decreasing costs. 

The DC 3900 a/c eco is suitable for all kinds of tasks demanding effective dust extraction, no matter if it is about heavy cleaning on construction sites, asbestos* removal or source extraction with larger handheld power tools and floor grinding machines. The DC 3900 a/c eco can be easily adapted to the needs of the customer for tailor-made solutions, thanks to a wide choice of suction casings and other accessories.

Dust Extractor DC 3900c eco Features - an Overview:

  • ECO Design:eco-friendly, easy to handle with two powerful eco motors
  • Long lifetime and robust construction
  • High effective cyclone with patented fine filter and HEPA H13 filter for a safe asbestos* removal 
  • IP class 44 (high protection of the electronic components) 
  • Corrosive class C4 (ISO 12944)
  • The motor package can be dismantled easily for cleaning and service
  • Dust free removal of the plastic sack (intellibag®)
  • Adjustable chassis for easy transport 
  • Accessories for many different tasks
  • Holder for accessories and plastic sacks  

* In accordance with EN 60335-2-69 class H and EN 1822-1 HEPA H13

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