DC 3900L eco, DC 3900L Twin eco and DC 5900L now with Longopac-solution

Longopac-solution now for Dutscontrol's dust extractors

In most fields of applications for portable dust extractors it is desireable to work as long as possible without the need to change the plastic bag. With our new longopac-solution it is the user who decides when to change the plastic bag.

The longopac-solution means that a 20 m long plastic bag with mounting is assembled onto the cyclone.* The length of the bag is controlled by the user through a cable tie.

Features longopac-solution:

  • Environmentally friendly material and minimized consumption of material
  • Flexible adaptation of the bag length 
  • Fast, clean and dustfree bag change


The following dust extractors are available with the longopac-solution: DC 3900L ecoDC3900L Twin eco**DC 5900L 4kWDC5900L 9,2kW5900L 4kW/9,2kW PTFE.

Adaption kit for DC 3800c/3900c/5800c/5900c

- to adapt the standard dust extractors DC 3800c/3900c/5800c/5900c for the longopac-solution. The delivery includes all necessary parts (incl. bolts and nuts) and a longopac-bag. For more information, please, contact our customer service.


Plastic bag longopac is delivered in 4pcs x 20m (part no 432177).

* 1pc x 20m included by delivery. // ** The dust extractor DC 3900L Twin eco is delivered with a longopac-bag on the preseparator and intellibag-sacks for the cyclone.

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