New dust extractors DC 5900 9,2 kW S and DC 5900 TR - Raw power with and without electricity.

 Dustcontrol dust extractors DC 5900 9,2 kW s and DC 5900 TR


DC5900a/c*  9,2kWS, 400V, 50Hz, Y/D-start

The DC 5900  9,2 kW S is an electric powered dust extractor for the use of source extraction, cleaning and material transportation applications in most types of industries.

The machine is generally used for material transportation and heavy duty cleaning together with a preseperator. Its large amount of air flow can also be used for source extraction and cleaning when extremely longe hoses are needed, up to 50m. The DC 5900 S has also a cooling air inlet to prevent the pump from overheating when used intensively. 

The extraction system functions with negative pressure (vacuum) that draws the air through suction casings/nozzles, hose system, separator and filter system. Coarse separation of dust occurs in the unit´s cyclone which is a highly efficient separator for larger particulate. The fine dust is separated and contained by the unit´s filter system. Separated material is collected for disposal in the plastic sack or container at the base of the cyclone. 


  • powerfull and versatile dust extractor
  • new chassis - more ergonomic handling
  • tiltable cyclone for easier service and filter change
  • phase error indicator**
  • high reliability in operation
  • filter cleaning with reverse pulse  - gives long filter life and constant capacity 

* DC 5900a with container/DC 5900c with plastic sack

** If a phase error is detected a lamp on the machine will come on.


DC5900TR  - compressed air driven

The compressed air driven dust extractor DC 5900 TR  has a robust construction and a large suction capacity while not needing any electrical power. A number of improvements have made the machine more user- and service-friendly.

The machine has a new chassis, making the handling of the machine more ergonomic. It is also equipped with a tiltable cyclone for easier filter change and service. The new semiautomatic filter cleaning makes the filter cleaning process more user-friendly than before.

The 5900 TR is ideal for source extraction on most types of hand-held tools and for industrial cleaning.

There are several advantages because of the vacuum being created in an ejector:

  • the ejector is maintance free
  • low weight
  • no electrical power required 
  • high reliability in operation
  • easy service
  • fine filter is cleaned with reverse pulse - gives the filter extra long life retaining maximum capacity



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