Dustcontrol featured in Bodyshop magazine

We had some great coverage in Bodyshop magazine recently, in the form of a feature article that looked at the problems caused from dust related issues in the automotive industry.

Our UK General Manager, James Miller, explored the common side effects associated with dust in bodyshops and provided advice on how to best go about combatting their effects. James explained that primarily, a vacuum extraction system is best suited to the task in this environment as it provides both quick and comprehensive at source extraction.

Orbital sanding and other common bodyshop techniques produce vast amounts of dust. Our systems remove this dust as soon as its created helping to improve workspace cleanliness as well protecting workers’ health from lung disease and other dust-related illnesses. James also outlined that, at a push, mobile dust extractors can also do a job within the industry, and, should a full vacuum system be unfeasible, provide protection from harmful side effects.

It’s great to see our work being featured and let’s hope bodyshops take the message on board.


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