DC Tromb 400

The benefits of using our DC Tromb 400 when floor grinding

The DC Tromb 400 is designed to meet modern safety requirements and work in conjunction with tools that have become ever more efficient and that, therefore, produce more dust than they have previously.

The Tromb is our most powerful single-phase machine, combining power, robustness and efficiency with versatility.

The 'L' model in particular is very popular with the flooring industry, providing a streamlined partnership with floor grinding machines of up to 500mm to handle all types of fine dust and materials created during the course of construction by heavy-duty practices.

Its versatility allows it to be fitted directly to floor grinders to help trap harmful dust at its source when grinding and polishing concrete, marble and granite surfaces.

We do extensive research and development to ensure machines such as the Tromb conform to their latest regulations and guidelines on dust extraction equipment, ultimately helping contractors meet onsite working exposure limits (WELs).

As with all Dustcontrol UK products, the DC Tromb 400 is built to application class H for a no compromise approach, meaning it offers a higher degree of filtration and a filter leakage of less than 0.005%. Due to the reverse pulse cleaning of the filters, there is no need to remove them in the workplace. What's more, a signal lamp informs the user when the filter needs cleaning.

Equipped with a HEPA H13 filter and a washable polyester pre-filter, the machine comfortably exceeds UK minimum standards for silica dust and other harmful properties.

In addition, the Tromb comes with a 22m Longopac multi-layer PE plastic sack, making disposal of the waste collected more environmentally friendly than traditional sacks, and a 5m x 50m anti-static hose which fits directly onto most machines. Essentially, as an added bonus, the user gets a high-quality floor cleaning tool, so they can use the Tromb as a powerful vacuum cleaner.

The fact that only clean filtered air passes through the motor dramatically extends the life of machine as well as providing clean exhaust air to the workplace.

A pre-separator can also be easily attached to the machine, and its hose can be extended to 10m to 15m if required, protecting users from dust inhalation in environments where high volumes of fine silica dust are being created in enclosed spaces.

Due to its compact design, the DC Tromb 400 is very portable and can fit easily into the back of transit vans when transporting to and from sites.

Its sturdy chassis makes it a reliable model to have on the job and its puncture proof wheels can even be locked to make it possible for the user to work on uneven ground.

The dust extractor also enables the user to work without unnecessary interruptions, producing up to 400 m3/h airflow with low noise emissions.

Overall, the DC Tromb 400 is designed to provide a clean and healthy working environment for those operating floor preparation equipment, thus achieving an efficient production process, an increase in productivity and an improvement in product quality.

The benefits of using our DC Tromb 400 when floor grinding
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