Clean Room Wall and Floor Outlet

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50mm/G21/2 3239
76mm/G3 3238

The outlet can be used in ”clean room environments”. For removable connection of the suction hose. The spring loaded cover is flush with the floor and can be opened with a special tool, see below.

The floor outlet’s connection to the tubing system is a standard NPT 2 ½”/ 3” thread. Connection is prepared then screwed in when the floor covering is installed.

The floor valves must be installed so that the tubing system carries the stress or so that the valve’s body ( A ) is installed on a level sub-surface.

Floor outlets can be specially ordered with micro-switches.

dmax/G A Cover Part No
50mm/G21/2 X50 stainless steel 3239
76mm/G3 X76 stainless steel 3238